Third time presenting our FMP ideas and research. We were defiantly defining our research and presentation skills. This time I had work to show and my reasoning behind it.  This is how my script went and the slides that accompanied it:







Third time presentating our FMP ideas and research. We were defiantly defining our research and presentation skills. This time I had work to show and my reasoning behind it.  This is how my script went and the slides that accompanied it:

“Alright, take two of this presentation. As some of you know I had nothing to show last week as I had been focusing on the practicalities of ranglling my dead dads friends together from all over England. And I have been successful in that. Out of my entire list from last week I have secured a meeting with all apart from Pete the cabbage(still presumed dead) Ian Williamson the mystery and Billy manning. After discussing my major influence, dreams of a life we went on to talk about Abbie’s suspicion for the boyfriend. And how my fathers Death may even be construed as a murder but pleased do not be alarmed. I am sane, I know he died and was not killed. But the viewers of our degree show don’t know that. Which lead me into the display of visual evidence during court cases, they do not parade around with it like a half time sign at a boxing match but probide pictures with mathematical evidence of scale and linkage to the convicted.



Obviously I have no convicted and I just wish to make a mystery out of this death more than a murder, I used scale and measured some divinative proof (in my opinion) of his existence. Just as an experiment.








During my essay I read Sarah C Duffys “Surplus Matter” and within the first paragraph is discusss the over dramatised deaths of television, so to be a truthful death it had to be simply presented. This lead me to thinking of the chalk lines used to outline bodies at crime scenes. 






Of course my fathers first embodiment was in fact a silhouette,






 but I went on to create one out of his own possessions.






From murder I went into factual and thought a lot about the displays of actual remnants of bodies in museums. As this still could be the bodies of the murdered or just kept for educational purposes.





This distance between the bones just gave the silhouette more of a form than a shape. In response of this I placed as many objects as I could of my fathers into a room and photographed the product. 





I began to pick out what was important to me. And I feel if this was displayed with trust somewhat like Felix people could touch and read and smell and experience as I have done. And gauge there own opinion. Thank you.”


Here is a write up of the notes from the feed back I received and my responses to them;


“Museum/artefacts a pop up museum of such. Document as a museum. so sections? Appropriating museums ways. For example (cards together) clothes together? I am the daughter, but I’m also the artist. Is this obsessive? Time capsule box? Song dong barbican “waste not” hoarder mum. Filled up the gallery. The listing is what’s important. Written work maybe? Peter kenard. Imperial war museum. Have the count down of belongings to the last and no more Adam. Jenny haoltzer Robert Montgomery.”


The idea of presenting my video and “artefacts” as a mock museum has interested me before and not only is a museum environment factual but its also one big memorial anything in a museum is kept there so it cant be preserved and remembered. Not just those things but people intend to learn in museums, they are a place of discovery and one goes with the indentions of finding things out. I would want my audience to feel the same way about the life of my dad to be intrigued and come away having learnt something.


Song Dong’s work was recommended to me and it was absolutely what I was looking for. some of his instillations were similar looking to the arrangements I had done. The piece “Waste Not” was even about him and his mother and her need to hoard. All of the objects I have of my father were what my mother collected and the reason apparently behind Song Dong’s mothers addiction was because his father died and she didn’t want to be in a empty house. Although similar looking to my most recent experiments he had grouped them in object specific sections in order to express the quantities and I have not done that yet when I first discovered my fathers belongings I counted and listen each object perhaps I could do a similar experiment the future.


https://megandrurypvayear3.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/my-starting-point/ ( A link to my pervious blog post about my fathers possessions)

Song Dong’s mother’s possessions filled the Barbican. It looked impressive from the photographs.



Dong lined these objects meticulously. Planned and arranged, they were not scattered like there probably once were in his mothers home now each spaced and sitting in a particular spot allowing spectators to look at each item in detail. It was no longer the scale had was important but each object individually.





In this interview Song Dong explains how loss lead to the incredibly dependency we have on objects and how they can also bring others together.

“When the people see the stuff they say this is not your family’s things! These are my family things! Its my home.” by sharing a common interest, opinion, hobby or objects can bring people together and as soon as they come together the begin to think about their own family’s and what the objects meant to them as well as the wider context of family and objects. This piece is all about relationships the relationships from people to people. From objects to people and from object to object. And each having there own distinguishable context yet sharing immense importance and sentimentality as a collective.


I then looked into Peter Kennard’s work and although some what helpful I found it very political and that was not really a issue I wanted to draw upon on my own work. Nor did I find much help in Jenny Holzers work, I found that may be more suitable for Abbie’s work personally,  and Robert Montgomery was more text based that I would see fit in my own work.


This lesson was not only a chance to gain feedback and to direct research fields but it also helps with presenting. Thanks to this session I found a artist I feel really fits the direction I want to go in and influences me. Song Dong’s work is not only family based its universal and educating.



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